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Flood waters caused extreme damage to streets and houses, creating a new landscape that looks entirely different from the pre-flood view. How long do you think it would take to rebuild this street?

Once the water receded it left mud everywhere. People shoveled mud from their basements and the streets. On hot days, the mud would dry and get into the air making a haze. Here mud-covered cars are parked. Note the debris visible on the street in theā€¦

Many of the items from the flooded houses were thrown out, including rugs and wallpapers.

According to one account, only 30 of the 6,600 buildings in Kingston were not affected. The flooding left much of the town under water. If you were evacuated because of a flood, what would you take with you?

During the height of the flooding, some buildings caught fire in downtown Wilkes-Barre, burning down to the flood water. Firefighters could not access the fires because of the high water levels in the streets.

Many of the streets in Kingston were flooded, making the preferred mode of transportation a boat.

Many people returned to find their home looking like this. Many houses had to be bulldozed and rebuilt. While many residents did rebuild, others moved to higher ground after the flood. What choice would you have made?

Cleaning up and remodeling a house became a daily routine for the residents of Luzerne County after the flood.

This photograph illustrates how high the water reached in some neighborhoods.

This house is completely destroyed, including its foundation. Due to this damage, it seems to lean into the sidewalk.
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