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This is a photograph that shows a 24 inch hole in an unidentified mine. While the specific location is unknown, there is writing on the back of the photograph that indicates that this hole is between Number 12 and Number 11 Gangways. The date of…

This photograph shows a 3-D model of the substrata under the Susquehanna River. The Model was made by N. Grier Parke, who was the mining engineer for the Lehigh Valley Coal Company.

This is a photograph of a 48 inch auger hole between Number 13 and Number 12 Gangways in an unidentified mine. An auger is a tool that is used to bore holes in the ground. Auger mining is a technique used to get additional coal by drilling large…

This photo depicts a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of Pomeroy's, with a large cake with several candles hoisted above, a marching band, as well as a roll of ribbon with the American Legion emblazoned on the roll.

This is a photograph that shows an abandoned mine in Forty-Fort, Pennsylvania. The mine was abandoned because the roof collapsed.

This photograph shows Abijah Smith's Coal Opening of 1807. The photograph was copied from Wright's History of Plymouth.

This photograph shows a different angle of Abijah Smith's Coal Opening of 1807.

This image is a photograph of Abijah Smith's original coal prospecting site in 1807. This was where Abijah Smith originally planned to have his coal mine before deciding on a different location.

This photograph shows a mine worker operating an Aldrich Pump that was used for de-watering mines.

This photograph shows another image of an Aldrich Pump and the operator. This Aldrich Pump was built by the Aldrich Pump Company in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
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