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This photograph shows a mule pulling a mine car. The miner in the photograph is unknown. There is some interesting information written on the back of the photograph. Mules were usually used in teams of two, the "lead" and "britchin." Cars of this…

This image is a stereograph that shows a mine subsidence in Wyoming Valley. A mine subsidence is essentially ground movement, which starts at the mine level, that directly damages surrounding houses or commercial buildings. This image shows a…

This picture depicts a trio of mannequins in a window display modeling women's clothing at the Boston Store while standing in front of a wall adorned with splat art.

This is a photo of the Bicentennial Parade in Wilkes-Barre, PA, 1969. Behind the color guard can be seen the Isaac Long Store, Walter's Shoes, Triangle Shoes, and GAC Loans.

This photo depicts a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of Pomeroy's, with a large cake with several candles hoisted above, a marching band, as well as a roll of ribbon with the American Legion emblazoned on the roll.

This photo displays a frozen meat counter at Percy Brown's with various steaks, sausages, and other meats on display with employees posing behind.

This photo depicts one of Percy Brown's "Perfect Butter" displays, and shows an employee packaging said butter during a demonstration for several customers.

This depicts the Percy Brown's restaurant which had been adjacent to its grocery store. We can see numerous patrons dining as well as several patrons waiting in line.

This is a photograph of John L. Lewis, Thomas McKinley, and Father Curran.

This is one of the displays from the Luzerne County Historical Society's museum and features a hat and various boxes from Bergman's Department Store.
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