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This photograph shows a row of mine-patch houses with a child sitting on the porch of the house on the far left.

This is a photograph that shows an abandoned mine in Forty-Fort, Pennsylvania. The mine was abandoned because the roof collapsed.

This is a photograph of a mine mule in a stable, which is possibly underground.

This photograph shows a 3-D model of the substrata under the Susquehanna River. The Model was made by N. Grier Parke, who was the mining engineer for the Lehigh Valley Coal Company.

This photograph shows a different view of a mine tunnel and an electrical panel.

This is a photograph of electric locomotives, also called "lokies," in an unidentified mine tunnel. In the photograph, the covers are removed from the battery compartments.

The photograph shows an underground electrical control panel in an unidentified mine. The electrical panel was used to recharge electrical locomotives.

This photograph shows another image of an Aldrich Pump and the operator. This Aldrich Pump was built by the Aldrich Pump Company in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

This photograph shows a mine worker operating an Aldrich Pump that was used for de-watering mines.

This photograph shows three mine workers. Unfortunately, the three men in this photograph have been unidentified.
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