Selected Maps of Luzerne County


Selected Maps of Luzerne County


A curated selected of some of the various maps held by the Luzerne County Historical Society


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Luzerne County

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Map of the West Side of the Susquehanna River
A map of the west side of the Susquehanna, showing Dallas, Lake Twp, Larksville, Hanover Twp., Lehman, Kingston, Nanticoke, and other boroughs.

Pittson Company Colliery Map
A map showing the veins of layout and depth of the coal of the Number 14 Colliery, of the Southern Division of The Pittston Comapny.

Survey Map
A survey map showing the claims and owners of the lands surrounding Leonard's Creek and Ryman's Pond.

Survey Map
A hand-drawn land survey of the plots bordering Kingston.

Second Division Map
A land plot survey. Has many notes and additions in the margins.

Yankee-Pennamite Claims Map
The closing course from the Northwest corner of number 1 to the Southwest corner of number 21 is south 43 1/2.

The lines colored brown show the extent of lands released by Pennslyvania claimants.

"Middle Tier of the Third Division"
A map of the "Middle Tier of the Third Division" of Kingston Township, showing land plots and owners, as well as the tier boundaries.

Map of Wallenpaupack Manor
A survey map of the lands making up Wallenpaupack Manor.

Land Claim Map
A map showing ownership of the plots near Equinunk Manor, including many of the claims of the Saxton and Drinker families.

A Map of the Connecticut Susquehanna Company's Purchase.
A map showing the plots and ownership of the lands purchased by the Susquehanna Company south of the 42nd parallel.
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