Coal Mining in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


Coal Mining in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


Mining, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


Coal mining in Northeastern Pennsylvania, specifically in Luzerne County, had a long and dangerous history. From the day-to-day jobs to mine disasters that devastated the area, known, and sometimes unknown, photographers documented this era in Pennsylvania history. The photographs in this collection date back to the early 1800s. The physical collection located at LCHS's Library includes photographic images, negatives, stereographs, and postcards. Over 100 items are featured in this digital collection, all of which showcase the history of coal mining in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


Luzerne County Historical Society

Collection Items

Hand Drill
A large hand drill with the top resembling a crutch.

Knox Mine Disaster
This photograph shows the whirlpool in the Susquehanna River. The whirlpool was caused by the Knox Mine disaster in 1959.

Coal Miner with Early Headlamp
This is a photograph of an unknown coal miner wearing an early version of the headlamp.

Overview of Baltimore Mine Fire Stripping
This photograph shows an overview of the Baltimore Mine fire stripping.

Fossilized Tree Trunks
This photograph shows a fossilized tree trunk in the Baltimore Mine fire stripping.

Tunnel Entrance at Coal Mine
This image is a postcard that depicts four miners, a mule, and a mine car in the entrance of an unidentified mine.

Undercut Face
This is a photograph of the undercut face in an unidentified mine.

Miners Shoveling and Drilling
This photograph shows five unknown miners shoveling and drilling. The specific mine is also unidentified.

Mine Tunnel with Tracks
This is a photograph of a mine tunnel with tracks, an air hose, and a thin coal vein in the south shaft of an unidentified mine.

Miner Leading 2-Mule Team
This is a photograph of a miner pulling a two-mule team through an unidentified tunnel.
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